Answers To Help You Plan The Perfect Five-Moon Experience.

Will my cell phone have reception?

Yes. All major wireless companies have service.

Can I bring my own boat?

Yes. A small skiff or jon boat is needed to navigate low tide if you are planning to enjoy the waterway. We have a 15’ Jagger skiff with a 25HP Yamaha motor for rent.

Can I bring kayaks?

Yes. We encourage you to bring personal kayaks.

Can we provide our own transportation to the island?

Yes. We charge $90 for round-trip transportation but you can provide your own via kayak, canoe or small boat (we can tow your kayaks to the smaller islands for you). You may also bring a larger boat to anchor and dingy to the small private islands.

Can we rent a boat or kayak?

Yes. You may rent our 15’ Jagger skiff with a 25HP Yamaha motor (two day minimum). Single kayaks can be rented from Coastal Altamaha Tours and transported to the island for $20/day and tandems $40/day.

What if we need more supplies during the week?

Typically we will be traveling around the islands and will pick up your items and deliver them to you at no charge. If we make a special trip, our round-trip fee is $75.

What about bugs?

We treat the island for flying insects, however we suggest you bring a bug spray of your choice as well. Sleeping structures on the smaller private islands are screened to provide comfort at night. We also provide tiki torches with citronella oil for guest use.

Do we need a fishing license?

Yes. You can obtain one online at the Georgia DNR website: https://www3.wildlifelicense.com/ga/start.php

Can we have more than six guests on the smaller private islands?

Yes. We recommend limiting the number of guests on Escape Island due to the size of the island, but you can add one additional tent for a total of 8 guests.

Do you recycle?

Yes. We offer recycling bins for paper, cans, bottles and plastic. We have maintained the best building practices and always keep the environment our number one priority on the islands.

For any question not answered here, please contact us for a quick response. We want to exceed your expectations for your Private Islands of Georgia getaway.