Kathy & Steve/Eagle Island

“Thanks for such a wonderful and extremely peaceful stay. I think the afternoon rains were my favorite – being able to light a fire and enjoy a warm jacuzzi while hearing the rain on a tin roof is heaven to me. We loved the symphony of frogs at night – they do have their own little operas everyday. We were visited by dolphin and this morning Steve was visited by a manatee. Our catches: trout, redfish, catfish, bluecrabs (of course), sheepshead, spinner shark, ray, black tip shark , bonnethead and the ones that got away. The variety of birds are incredible. Hopefully, we won’t be traveling home with any land crabs as they sure do like to get into any bags you set down outside. I just love your taste in decor and plan to visit the place in Forsythe. For now we picked up lots of shells, sand dollars, conch and pieces of driftwood to bring home as treasures for our 5 yr. old Lauren. If you are ever in the Atlanta area and need a place to stay, want to share some decorating ideas, need a home cooked meal or feel like tooling around Lake Lanier please give us a call.

Best of luck with all your different ventures.”

– Kathy & Steve