Mary Ann & Frederic/Eagle Island

“In this perfect island paradise that you have so painstakingly and artfully created, we most certainly could hear the muses sing.

It is one thing to provide a most extraordinary experience of hospitality and quite another to create a landscape for magic. Here you have achieved them both in perfect measure. Although the eagles’ nest that dominates this island remains bare during our visit, it held the promise of the eagles return…much as it now holds on to the promise of our return.

Absent the eagle, we did get visited daily by a hawk we named Yeats.

We will take the spirit of this place with us for all the rest of our lives and return often to replenish the images and hear the muses sing.

A five moon experience punctuated with the single, perfect full and glorious moon of Halloween.”

– Mary Ann & Frederic

Savannah, Georgia