1. How do we get to the island?

Round-trip boat transportation is provided with your island getaway.

2. Can I bring my boat?

Yes! We encourage you to bring your own boat. We discount your stay by $100 when you bring your own boat and check yourself out of the lodge. We will assist you in launching your boat at the Darien waterfront, and we provide a local waterway chart. We will boat you down the Darien River to the intracoastal waterway and out to Doboy Sound, Sapelo Island and the Atlantic Ocean. Experience the best eco activities in the rivers and the Atlantic Ocean.

3. How can I get back to the mainland if I do not have a boat?

We can pick you up and boat you to the mainland for a fee.

Boat Rental

1. Do you have a boat we can rent?

Yes. The Private Islands of Georgia offers you a 20’ JC Pontoon with a 115 HP 4-stroke Suzuki motor for rent. We have a 2 day minimum rental on boats.


1. What is your weather usually like during the dates of my getaway to the island?

Average Monthly Temperatures:

Month Average Low Average High

January 43 60
February 46 63
March 52 69
April 58 75
May 66 82
June 72 87
July 75 90
August 74 88
September 72 85
October 62 77
November 53 70
December 46 63

Current Weather Conditions

2. Will we get a refund if we have a hurricane?

Yes. If we are asked to evacuate the area, you will receive a refund. However, inclement weather does not qualify you for a refund.

3. What kind of clothing do I need to bring for winter weather?

Plan to layer your clothing as daytime temperatures usually rise to the 60s.

4. What happens if we have a power outage?

Eagle Lodge has underground Georgia Power. Relax and you will have power again soon.


1. Will I be eaten by an alligator?

No, the alligator is in its natural environment and these are wild alligators. These are not pond raised on a golf course and fed daily by humans. You may see an alligator while riding in the boat and watch how quickly they run away.

Eagle Lodge

1. Are we the only guests at the lodge when we stay on the island?

Yes, your getaway is for you and your invited guests only.

2. How many can stay at the lodge?

We can sleep 14 guests as follows:

Loft – King Bed 2
2 Bedrooms Main Floor – Queen Beds 4
Downstairs – Queen Bed 2
Downstairs – 2 Full Bunks 4
Downstairs – 2 Single Bunks 2

Total 14

Our rates are based on 12 guests. If you have more, please call us to discuss the options.

3. Do you allow pets?

Yes, we are pet friendly. There is a $50 non-refundable pet fee for the first pet, and $25 for each additional pet.

4. Do you have a wireless internet connection?

Yes. Please see our Internet Usage Policy below.

5. Will I have cell service on the island?


6. Do you have air conditioning?


7. What is in your kitchen?

View Kitchen Amenities

8. Do you have a generator?

No, we have underground power lines with power being supplied by Georgia Power.

9. Do you have a well? Can we drink the water?

Yes, we have a well, and the water is potable. However, we also provide 2 cases of bottled water iced down and ready for you when you arrive on the island.

10. What sort of electronics do you have?

We have wireless internet, stereo, DVD, iPod docking station and 2 TVs.

11. Do you have an outdoor kitchen?

Yes, a Five-Moon Outdoor Kitchen featuring a charcoal grill (we supply the charcoal), gas grill (we provide the propane), low country boil cookstand, oyster steamer, 8’ prep table, double bay stainless steel sink, commercial ice machine, and oyster knives, blue crab crackers & pics.


1. Do we need to bring our own food?

Private Islands of Georgia provides a service that allows you to shop online at our local Harris Teeter grocery store. We will pick up your food and beverage order and have the lodge stocked and your beverages iced down the day you arrive on the island free of charge. You can, of course, bring your own food if you prefer.

2. Can you get a cake for me?

Yes, Private Islands of Georgia guest services will assist you with any special requests and will have your items at the lodge upon your arrival.

3. Can you get fresh seafood for me?

Yes, we can assist with fresh, local seafood including wild-caught Georgia shrimp, oysters, local clams, etc…just ask!

The Island

1. How big is Eagle Island?

10 acres.

2. What can we do on the island?

#1 – RELAX!
#2 – Enjoy the company you are with
#3 – Relax in one of our unique nests:
~ Five-Moon outdoor shower
~ Hot tub located in front of an outdoor fireplace on the porch
~ 8’ bed swing on porch
~ Swing on the dock
~ Fire ring and swing located by the pond
#4 – Fish ~ catch blue crabs ~ play ping pong ~ poker table and cards –
#5 – Experience the Five-Moon outdoor kitchen for great coastal
#6 – Eco adventure ~ inshore/offshore fishing ~ kayaking


1. Do you have a dock?

Yes. Eagle Island’s dock has a 25’ x 25’ deck with a covered structure, table and chairs, swing, sink and electric outlets. The floating portion of the dock is 40’.


1. Can we swim in the river?

Swim at your own risk. We have a ladder on the dock to assist you if you choose to get in the water. However, I do not recommend swimming in the river.


1. Can I go to the beach?

Yes, you can drive to St. Simons Island beach or Jekyll Island beach. We can assist you with boat transportation from the island to the mainland.

If you bring your own boat or rent one of ours, you can explore the beaches by boat on Sapelo Island. The south end of Sapelo in Doboy Sound is a popular spot to throw the anchor and play on the beach.

Parking the Car

1. Where do we park the car? Will my car be in a safe location?

You park your car at the Darien waterfront where we board the boat for Eagle Island. We have never had an incident with a car while parked at this location.

Check-In and Check-Out

1. When can I check in and when do I have to check out?

Our Five-Moon check-in-and-out policy allows you to check in as early and check out as late as you wish provided no one is checking out the same day you check in, or checking in the same day you check out. Our standard times are a 4 p.m. check-in and an 11 a.m. check-out.

2. What if I leave something behind?

As soon as you realize you left something behind (besides some great memories), get in touch with us. We will notify the cleaning crew so that they can locate the item(s) for you. We will box it up and ship it to you for the cost of shipping + a $10 handling fee. We will give you an estimate so you can approve the cost prior to shipping.

Cancellation Policy

1. What if our plans change and we have to cancel our trip. Will you refund our deposit?

All cancellations must be in writing. To qualify for a refund, a cancellation notice must be received a minimum of 30 days prior to your check-in date. Upon receipt of written notification, a 10% administrative fee will be deducted and the balance of your deposit will be refunded. No refunds will be made with less than a 30-day notice.

Internet Usage Policy

The use of cell phones, computers and tablets has changed dramatically in the last several years, leaving us no choice but to pass along a portion of the fees associated with above-average data usage. We will provide .5 GigaBytes (GB) of data usage per day to our guests at no charge. Usage in excess of the accumulated allowance will be billed at $15/GB.